E4T are the standard Komatsu transfer press machines loaded with the high speed servo feeder on the compact frame.

Large Transfer Presses


  • Eco-friendly press machines
  • The high speed press machine pursuing high productivity
  • Timely delivery and service support

The basic specification of E4T can be chosen from as many as 14 types, and other free options can be combined to client's choice.
We are ready to meet with various client's requirements.

Eco-friendly press machines

The low noise operation with high rigidity and the compact frame structure make selection of installing location easier. Further more, energy consumption is reduced with optimized point capacity distribution.

The high speed press machine pursuing high productivity

The large capacity servo feeder realizes the high speed operation of max. 25 spm. In addition, it can flexibly transfer any type of panels. And set-up time is mere 200 seconds with the high speed moving bolster. It greatly helps support production of multiple products in smaller lots.

Timely delivery and service support

We propose the most suitable delivery schedule to meet your installation plan.


Please contact our sales department for specifications.

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