The world's most succesful 3-dimensional 5-axis contorol laser cutting machines

3D five-axis contorol laser cutting machine


TLM-408 / TLM-610 / TLM-614

  • Single-point steering head
  • On-line gap sensor(non-contact type)
  • Joystick lever

The TLM series machines were the first of their kind in the world and have the world's best sales record.
The 3D, five axis control laser cutting machines are aimed at thin to medium-thickness parts and are ideal for prototype fabrication as well as small-lot mass production.

Single-point steering head

The cutting point (or teaching point) can be continually maintained at the same position regardless of the position on the C-axis and A-axis, which makes teaching. Thanks to the single-point steering head, the effective cutting range is equivalent to the X, Y and Z strokes whatever shape is being cut. The single-point steering head is most effective in cutting that requires a lot of motion on the posture axes.

Single-point steering head

Movie:Single-point steering head

On-line gap sensor(non-contact type)

On-line gap sensor(non-contact type)

Movie:On-line gap sensor

This is an capacitance-type sensor that measures the gap between the panel and the tip of the nozzle with high-speed follow-up. It gives unrivalled follow-up performance when moving curves with a small radius and improves machining stability. The three-layered nozzle ensures that the side walls of the panel do not confuse the sensor.

Joystick lever

The joystick lever, above the cutting head, improves operating convenience.

Joystick lever

Main Specifications

Items TLM-408 TLM-610 TLM-614
Working stroke
2,500×1,300 3,100×1,900 4,300×1,900
Table height
Table left/right travel
X-axis stroke[mm]
2,500 3,100 4,300
Optical head Front/Back travel
Y-axis stroke[mm]
1,300 1,900
Optical head Up/Down travel
Z-axis stroke[mm]
600(from table top : 100-700) 800(from table top : 100-900)
Rapid feed rate (X, Y, Z)
XY:40,000 Z:30,000 XY:35,000
Rapid feed rate(C, A)
Cutting feed rate(X, Y, Z)
30~30,000 30~20,000
Cutting feed rate(C, A)
Max 250°/sec
Drive motor AC servo motor
Drive mechanism Ball screw
Guide mechanism Linear ball guide
Positioning accuracy
±0.03 max /300 ±0.04 max /300
Floor space
3,650×7,220 4,250×7,820 4,250×9,780
Machine weight
12,000 15,000 17,000

NC Specifications

Control unit TDLC-06R
Displaying method 15 inch color LCD with touch panel function
Number of controlled axes Number of controlled axes 5-axes+1-axis(X, Y, Z, C, A+G-axis)
Simultaneously controlled axes 5-axes(X, Y, Z, C, A-axis)
Independently controlled axis 1-axis(G-axis Copying control)
Memory for operation Memory capacity 8MB
Program register limit 500
Max. number of blocks 999,999/Program
Data disk Capacity of register 1GB
Program register limit 10,000
Blocks per program 999,999/Program
External memory interface Only USB Interface in available
Program preparation With marking-off line Teaching playback
With NC data NC data + teaching

Oscillator Specifications

Type (Optical path length) FANUC LASER C2000i-MODEL C (Long) FANUC LASER C4000i-MODEL C (Short)
Laser wavelength 10.6μm
Laser Maximum output 2,500W 4,000W
Output stability ±1% ±2%
Beam diameter at exit <Φ24mm <Φ27mm
Polarization 45°Linear Circular
Beam divergence angle (Full angle) 2.0mrad or less
Beam mode Low order mode
Normal pulse Pulse duty 0~100%
Pulse frequency 5~10,000Hz 5~32,000Hz

User’s voice"TLM"

from R. T. Corporation

We were anxious about troubles in the beginning after installation. But we could start right away because operability of this machine is excellent compared with that of previous one. With this machine, we set works during lunch time or after work, and do daily business operating unattended.

User’s voice

Machining example

Machining example

Aluminum t4

Machining example

Pipe t5 45 °junction

Machining example

Inconel t5

Movie:Mild steel (1.2mm) cutting

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