This is the press line of the next generation that makes the high productivity of transfer press machines and the flexibility of tandem press lines compatible.

High Speed Flexible Transfer Line


  • We are a leading supplier of servo presses in the world.
  • Features of large servo presses
  • Carbon emission from large servo presses
  • Features of Komatsu servo press

We are developing and supplying the brand new, large scale press lines for forming automotive body panels.
Productivity has been enhanced by 75 percent with the pendulum feeder than with the conventional tandem press lines.

We are a leading supplier of servo presses in the world.

Komatsu Industries supplied the servo press first in the world in 1998. We are among the top suppliers in the world, and our total supply proudly exceeds 3,300 sets. Komatsu Industries are doing much in energy saving, safety, environment and growth of the automotive industries with our abundant product lineups and innovations utilizing the ICT.

Supply record of servo press

Features of large servo presses

Note: Comparison of our current AC servo presses of 2,500 ton class pressurizing capacity with our previous ones

  • High productivity:
    • Forming speed of 18 strokes per minute (50 percent increase in productivity) (previously 12 strokes per minute);
      Significant decrease in number of trial die
  • High precision forming:
    • Higher product accuracy (no slip marks on forming)
  • Ultra-low noise:
    • Sound level of 85 dB on forming (about 19 percent reduction from previous 105 dB);
      the same parts can be formed with smaller pressurizing force by 30 percent than previous machines.
  • Energy/space saving:
    • Power consumption is smaller by 40 percent than previous machines;
      machine mass is smaller by 50 percent than previous machines.
  • Easier maintenance with simpler drive mechanism

Carbon emission from large servo presses

Effect of smaller volume of the press body on [material production], [machine fabrication and scrapping] and [power consumption in operation] was tentatively calculated with respect to carbon emission per product, the large servo press reduce by about 34 percent compared with the mechanical press. In addition, increased productivity can reduces necessary line number and therefore power for lighting, air conditioning and compressed air.

Carbon emission from large servo presses

(From a Sustainability Report)

Features of Komatsu servo press

  • Compact
  • Good maintainability
  • Good formability
  • High productivity
  • Energy-saving; low noise
  • Shorter die trial time
Features of Komatsu servo press


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