Next generation press line with
higher productivity and flexibility

History of KOMATSU large size press machines History

from 1924 to 2023 history of press machine manufacturing


Our press machine manufacturing history began starting from 450 ton hydraulic press in 1924, and it is 100 years in 2023 since the start. Large size press ---chasis forming --- wide variety high volume production

Speed and flexibility built over many years
Production speed and flexibility

Supply record of large scale press machines Units Delivered

Supply record of large scale press machines 35 countries


* As of March, 2020

We are among the top servo press suppliers in the world.
Our large size press machines have been delivered to 35 countries in the world, and Komatsu Industries are contributing to energy saving, safety, environment and growth of the automotive industries with our abundant product lineups and innovations utilizing the ICT.

Leading supplier  Delivery to 35 countries
Delivery record of large size press machines (As of March, 2020) Total 2,679 Units delivery to 35 countries

Production Parts Production Parts

High speed production for automotive body panels

Automotive body panels are formed on Komatsu ServoPress H*FTL line.

Press lines for automotive  body panels
High speed production for drawing/trimming/punching/cutting processes. Forming various types of automotive body panels

Productivity Productivity

increased productivity


*against robot tandem press line

1) Gain higher productivity by high speed feeder and obtaining ample transfer time due to phase difference operation of press machines ( PAT.P )
In addition to double arm feeder, single arm feeder with more flexible panel transfer has been developed and introduced in the market

2) Die interference check and most suitable motion generation by PLS ( press line simulator )

Ensure ample transfer time with phase difference operation
Slide motions of H*FTL press

Formability Formability

High formability by Servo press with servo die cushion

*against mechanical press with air die cushion

Servo die cushion with high-speed response of servo motors achieves high formability and shorter trial times by numerical control

Servo die cushion utilizing high-speed response of servo motor
Achieving high formability and shorter trial times

Formed parts Body side outer(deep drawing parts) Measurement items : For panels formed by mechanical press & servo press, sill parts measured and spring backs compared with CAD data. Measurement results Servo press could form almost exactly according to shape of die Mechanical press spring back quantity is approx. 1.7 times of servo press one

Energy Saving Energy Saving

die cusion work for servo press with servo die cushion

Energy Saving

* Against mecanical press with air die cushion

Reduced power consumption with power regeneration for servo press and servo die cushion
(Energy-saving effect depends on formed products)

Reduced power consumption with power regeneration
Power consumption reduction
Press servo motor diagram
Die cushion servo motor diagram

Introduction Movie Introduction Movie

Watch movie
Watch movie [Large scale servo press machines lines for forming automotive body panels]

Specifications Specifications


Primary specifications

Model H5FTL7300-MB H5FTL6000-MB H4FTL5200-MB
Max. line SPM   18 22 18
Press line total capacity kN 73,000 60,000 52,000
Press capacity 1st press kN 25,000 20,000 24,000
Press capacity following presses kN 12,000 x 4 units 10,000 x 4 units 10,000 x 2 units, 8,000 x 1 unit
Slide drive servo motor By 4 servo motors By 4 servo motors By 4 servo motors
Bolster & slide size mm 4,600 x 2,500 3,700 x 2,500 4,600 x 2,300
Slide stroke mm 1,200 1,200 1,200
Die height mm 1,425 1,425 1,400
Slide adjustment mm 200 200 250
Die cushion    Servo die cushion Servo die cushion Servo die cushion
 - Die cushion capacity kN 4,000 4,000 4,000
 - Die cushion stroke mm 350 350 350
 - Die cushion preaccerelation mm 25 25 25

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