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Replacing controller of press

  • Non-stop
  • Long-term Continuous Use
  • Discontinued Parts

Target Models:Stamping Presses

Replacing controller of press

Aren't you in trouble with something like this?

Management: Aren't you interested in visualizing your plant operation?
Failure of a component that is no longer produced now will lead to a long term machine stop. We propose to preliminarily remodel such machine for continuing stable production.

  • Long term machine stop is a disaster;
  • A component of discontinued version is on the machine and cannot be repaired;
  • Don't know if a component of discontinued version is on the machine;
  • Machine stop due to a degraded electric equipment;
  • Sudden stop by an accident.


We propose to replace the component of discontinued version with the existing version before failing.

  • You can replace with the newest press controller that can be installed with the "KOMTRAX" to get hold of operation conditions 24 hours a day.
  • Whenever we come to know, we will inform the users about the discontinued production on our visit or by mail.
  • Renewal of entire control system is possible to includes "controller," "PLC" and "safety equipment."


Replacing with the compatible new version, you can prevent the machine from long term stopping.

  • You can make various machine information visualize.
  • You can avoid lowered productivity and late delivery time.
  • Planned replacement will reduce costs.

* The SIT-4 type is the currently used controller and standardized parts are used.

Improved safety:

  • Renewal of entire control makes conformity possible with the Safety and Sanitation Law and the Structural Standards.

Additional functions:

  • Various additional functions can be selected and added with replacing the control.

Delivery Date,Working Hours

One (1) week at the earliest for small presses (OBS, OBW etc.)

Three and a half (3.5) months for intermediate presses (E2M, M2G etc.)

Three and a half months (3.5) for forging presses (L1C, L2C etc.)


Rely on Komatsu.
You have reasons to feel secure.

Feel secured:

Since we have the components stocked, quick recovering is possible in case of a failure.

Assured technique:

You can feel assured since our service person who thoroughly knows the machine will take care of replacement and test run. Service after replacement is also implemented.

Failure diagnosis and proposal:

On replacement, our professional person who has experienced many replacement of the control will respond to your requirement to apply most suitable improvement. This will be your ideal product made to order by the experienced, professional engineer.


KOMTRAX proves its merit in combination with the newest press controller. Operation conditions can be checked 24 hours a day and various operation records including of machine troubles are collected.

A service person says:

A package plan of replacing all major electric components is also available, with which clients can eliminates to determine failure and replacement areas.
Leave all matters to our professionals.
They will propose a most suitable plan.

Contract plans:

  • Before

  • After

Before After

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