The No.1 laser cutting machines capable of handling everything from thin to thick sheet.

2D laser cutting machine


TLV-408 / TLV-510

  • System integration
  • Quick change type lens holder
  • Retrial skip function

The TLV series machines as the standard 2D laser cutting machines push the limit from thin sheet to thick sheet. Their compact desighn means that they can fit into limited spaces, and setup with systems that substantially improve working efficiency allows them to cater to a wide range of customer requirements.

System integration

The simple desighn aimed at facilitating maintenance features three mirrors in the external light path to maximize the capacity of the laser (except for TLV-714). This means that the customer can adjust the optical axis easily.

System integration

Quick change type lens holder

Quick change type lens holder

This is equipped with a quick change lens holder for shorter replacement time to reduce preparation man-hours.

Retrial skip function

Adopting the retrial skip function, when the machine detects wrong processing, it retries (re-process) for three times, but continues processing the next product skipping the fourth retrial.

Retrial skip function

Main Specifications

Items TLV-408 TLV-510
Working stroke
2,500 x 1,250 3,100 x 1,550
Table height
Table left/right travel
X-axis stroke[mm]
2,500 3,100
Optical head Front/Back travel
Y-axis stroke[mm]
1,250 1,550
Optical head Up/Down travel
Z-axis stroke[mm]
Rapid feed rate (X, Y)
Rapid feed rate(,Z)
Cutting feed rate(X, Y)
Drive motor AC servo motor
Drive mechanism Ball screw
Guide mechanism Linear ball guide
Positioning accuracy
±0.02 max. /500
Floor space
3,050 x 6,290 3,250 x 7,600
Machine weight
8,500 11,000

NC Specifications

Control unit FANUC 31i-LB
Displaying method 15 inch color LCD with touch panel function
Number of controlled axes Number of controlled axes 3-axes(X, Y, Z-axis)
Simultaneously controlled axes 2-axes(X, Y-axis)
Special controlled axis 1-axis(Z-axis Copying control)
Memory for operation Memory capacity 2MB(5,120m)
Program register limit 1,000
External memory interface USB Interface, RS-232C(1set), LAN in available
Self diagnosis function Displayed message

Oscillator Specifications

Type (Optical path length) FANUC LASER C2000i-MODEL C (Long) FANUC LASER C4000i-MODEL C (Short)
Laser wavelength 10.6μm
Laser Maximum output 2,500W 4,000W
Output stability ±1% ±2%
Beam diameter at exit <Φ24mm <Φ27mm
Polarization 45°Linear Circular
Beam divergence angle (Full angle) 2.0mrad or less
Beam mode Low order mode
Normal pulse Pulse duty 0~100%
Pulse frequency 5~10,000Hz 5~32,000Hz

User’s voice"TLV"

from Company S

Company S is a equipment manufacturer that cuts out steel materials, and TLV-510K40F was delivered to run in September in 2015. They handle everything from thin to thick plate, This fully utilize the breadth and stability of the processing condition table which is the feature of the TLV series. The slidable work clamp can also accommodate small materials, and it has been highly evaluated for its convenience. In addition, compact and accessible processing machines are popular because they are easy to handle even for women.

User’s voice

Machining example

Machining example

Stainless Steel t5

Machining example

Stainless Steel t5 (Partial Enlargement)

Machining example

Mild steel (19mm)

Movie:Stainless steel (2mm) cutting

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