Touch Panel Type Single Axis NC Nnit

Replacing NC unit

  • Non-stop
  • Long-term Continuous Use
  • Discontinued Parts

Target Models:Bending Machine(PHS)

Replacing NC unit

Aren't you in trouble with something like this?

Failure of the component that is no longer produced now will lead to a long term machine stop. We propose to preliminarily remodel such machine for continuing production.

  • A component of discontinued version is on the machine and cannot be repaired;
  • Don't know if a component of discontinued version is on the machine;
  • It's a disaster if the machine stops long.


We are proposing to replace the component of discontinued version with the existing version before failing.

  • Whenever we come to know, we will inform the users about the discontinued production on our visit or by mail.


Replacing with the compatible new version, you can prevent the machine from long term stopping.

  • You can avoid lowered productivity and late delivery time.
  • Planned replacement will reduce costs.

Delivery Date,Working Hours

A half month after order confirmation (one day work at site)


Rely on Komatsu.

Feel at ease:

Our professional, experienced person will respond to your requirement to apply most suitable improvement.

Assured technique to make you feel secured:

Our service person who thoroughly knows the machine will take care of replacement and test run.

Higher performance:

Comparison with FB100

    FB100 FB100s
Capacity Stage number 99 2000 (20 stages/work x 100 works)
Operability Data input Seat switches Touch panel
Visibility Data display 7-seg. LED Color LED
Setting up Work description No 8 characters (half size)

A service person says:

  • We shipped 3,000 sets of the best-selling FB100 NC unit, which was getting a good reputation. But its production has been discontinued, and our inventories have been exhausted.

    By replacing it with a successor FB100S, our clients can continue to use the press brakes for a long time.

  • Contract plans

    Customer Survice Department
    Miyuuji Nakahara

Contract plans:

  • Before

  • After

Before After

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