Location of HeadOffice and Domestic Plants

Sales offices in Japan

Sapporo Office
1-6 Omagarikogyo Danchi, Kitahiroshima city,Hokkaido 061-1274,JapanMAP
TEL +81-50-3486-7259 FAX +81-11-377-9452
Sendai Office
2-7-20 Nigatake,Miyagino-ku,Sendai city,Miyagi 983-0036,japanMAP
TEL +81-50-3486-0027 FAX +81-22-206-2189
Oyama Office
400 Yokokura-shinden,Oyama city,Tochigi 323-8558MAP
TEL +81-50-3486-0028 FAX +81-285-28-8317
Kanto Office
1-1-11 Shimomae,Toda city,Saitama 335-0016MAP
TEL +81-50-3486-0029(Stamping Presses,Sheet-metal Machinery)
TEL +81-50-3486-0030(Overseas Service)
TEL +81-50-3486-0031(Domestic Service)
FAX +81-48-499-3005
Yokohama Office
26-4 Nishikimachi Naka-ku, Yokohama city, Kanagawa 231-0812MAP
TEL +81-50-3486-0039 FAX +81-45-285-0009
Nagano Office
690 Inoue,Suzaka city,Nagano 382-0045MAP
TEL +81-50-3486-0032 FAX +81-26-474-0482
Shizuoka Office
4-31 Takaoka-Nichi,Naka-ku,Hamamatsu city,Shizuoka 433-8118MAP
TEL +81-50-3486-0038 FAX +81-53-546-0027
Nagoya Office
1-25-1 Nishimatabe-cho,Minami-ku,Nagoya city,Aichi 457-0835MAP
TEL +81-50-3486-0034(Stamping Presses)
TEL +81-50-3486-0035(Overseas Service)
TEL +81-50-3486-0036(Domestic Service)
TEL +81-50-3486-0037(Sheet-metal Machinery)
FAX +81-52-613-1710(Stamping Presses)
FAX +81-52-613-1711(Service)
FAX +81-52-613-1712(Sheet-metal Machinery)
Hokuriku Office
tsu-23 Futsu-machi,Komatsu city,Ishikawa 923-0392MAP
TEL +81-50-3486-0033 FAX +81-761-43-4719
Toyonaka Office
5-133 Hattori-kotobuki-cho,Toyonaka city,Oosaka 561-0857MAP
TEL +81-6-6864-0014 FAX +81-6-6864-2273
Himeji Office
122 Hanadacho-ipponmatsu,Himeji city,Hyogo 671-0253MAP
TEL +81-79-253-6455 FAX +81-79-253-6466
Hiroshima Office
7-31 Tousuien,Saeki-ku,Hiroshima city,Hiroshima 731-5131MAP
TEL +81-50-3486-0041 FAX +81-82-500-5524
Fukuoka Office
4-14-34 Hakozaki,Higashi-ku,Fukuoka city,Fukuoka 812-0053MAP
TEL +81-50-3486-0048 FAX +81-92-289-0121

Introduction of Kanazawa Plant of Komaatsu

The Kanazawa sea port is a trade base located on the center of the coast of the Japan Sea and expected to develop from now on. Kanazawa Plant is in Ouhama area right next to the Kanazawa sea port. It is the manufacturing base for Komatsu's industrial machineries, where large press machines of industrial use and supersized construction machines are built.

Kanazawa Plant of Komaatsu

[Latest manufacturing facilities]

A top-of-the-line tandem welding robot has been introduced. High precision machining has been achieved with a five face machining center in the temperature-controlled machining area. Furthermore, the laser tracker, a measuring device, has been used for quality assurance. The temperatures in the area are kept in ± 2 ℃ throughout the day separating the area with a partition wall that can be removed for easy transportation of heavy objects from the machining area to the assembly area. Production lead time has been made shorter by introducing an air platform truck and crane equipment to cope with handling ultra-heavy articles of over 100 tons.


  • Equipment for salt protection

    Equipment for salt protection

  • Countermeasure against wind

    Countermeasure against wind

  • We are striving for securing both job environment in Kanazawa Plant and its surrounding environment. The equipment for salt protection and the bank for wind protection to cope with the plant location on the seashore as well as the dual doors for preventing wind entering the building on shipping and receiving are introduced to secure quality and stability of the products.

[Consideration to surrounding environment]

  • Direct loading of heavy product

    Direct loading of heavy product

  • Direct loading of heavy product

    Direct loading of heavy product

  • Direct loading of heavy product Considering the surrounding environment, road drainage treatment and various energy saving measures are implemented. Direct loading of heavy product at the port from the contiguous factory is a significant improvement of transportation to reduce carbon emission. We can say we have realized an eco-friendly plant.


Furthermore, the ICT has been used to realize ultramodern plant by making machine operation "visualize" at a glance.

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