Regional Contribution

At Kanazawa Plant, we communicate with community residents by joining environmental activities
in the region and by inviting them to tour in the factory.

For richer green in the region, Komatsu's Kanazawa Plant and Komatsu Industries are working together with the city in reviving seashore pine forest
We ever planted 1,820 seedlings in the "Kurisaki Serenity Forest Preservation Activity," a regional environmental activity.
Since 2010, we are planting "resistive black pine" seedlings, which are more resistive against pine weevils, and mowing weeds in Kurisaki Serenity Forest.

  • [Planting resistive black pine trees]

    [Planting resistive black pine trees]

    We are planting and growing resistive black pine trees.

    [Planting resistive black pine trees]
  • [Dead tree processing]

    [Dead tree processing]

    We cut down dead trees for fostering the forest.

    The forest is cleaner after cutting down the dead trees.
  • Activity
  • We will continue working for the regional environment preservation activities, not limited to the "Forest Preservation Activity."

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