Hydraulic shearing machine of easy to use with the highest degree of precision
"Cutting" with precision, speed and easy to use;

Swing type hydraulic shearing machine


  • Easy operation
  • High cutting quality

SHS series realize high cutting accuracy with the swinging beam structure and the high rigidity frame that are unique to Komatsu. Easy to use operability is also highly appreciated.

Easy operation

Centralized operation panel in front for easy inputting

  • Back stop position, blade gap amount and stage number are all displayed on the front panel.
  • Installing with the NC equipment, the back stop position offset is automatically set by changing the blade gap to meet plate thickness.
  • Nine (9) types of stage position setting are possible to make control easier.

Return spring to improve cutting quality and work speed

The return spring that quickly returns after cutting is used on the SHS beam.

Simple to adjust blade gap

Blade gap is displayed on the front panel with LEDs. You can adjust it to a right value seeing the display.

NC backstop for simple, high speed positioning

With using the NC control, the machine is easy to handle, and positioning can be done quickly and precisely. And the stopper is automatically raised at the end to make cut long works easier.

swing system

High cutting quality

Highly rigid frame to maintain high precision

The machine is built with the simple beams designed with computer analysis, and is constructed considering also rear side working property. The gap shear makes also feed cutting possible.

Smooth cutting plane with swing system

With the swing system, the upper blade makes circular motion to create a perpendicular cutting plane. Blade gap can be easily adjusted to meet work thickness, which makes precise and pretty cutting possible. And the hydraulic drive of smaller impact can reduce noise, and can improve durability of blade.


Item SHS6
x 125 x 255 x 310 x 410
Cutting thickness Soft steel (tensile strength 450N/mm2) mm 0.8∼6.5
Stainless steel (tensile strength 700N/mm2) mm 0.8∼4
Cutting length Cutting length (*1) mm 1210 2510 3060 4060
Cutting stroke Cutting stroke number (*2) spm 32∼60 24∼56 22∼54 14∼52
Blade Shearing angle (left to right and up) degree 1°30′
Blade length - number mm - # 1250-1 2550-1 3100-1 4100-1
Pressuring device Number of cylinder # 7 12 14 18
Total pressuring load (max.) kN 110 190 230 290
Distance between cylinder center to cutting line mm 50
Pad bore mm φ54
Clearance between pad bottom and table mm 12
Guard Type Fixed steel plate (concavo-concave)
Power unit Main motor rating (200v 50/60Hz 220v 60Hz) kW 11
Hydraulic oil liter 120 170
Others Operation mode OFF, INCH, SINGLE, CONTINUOUS
Marking lamp LED lamp

User’s voice"SHS"

from Nishimura Industry Co., Ltd.

Nishimura Industry Co., Ltd. bought and run SHS 6 × 310 in June 2016. Right angle in cutting quality comes out properly, highly evaluated as being very easy to use. Moreover, since the machine is structured so that it is not easily broken, it is appealing that you can use it without worry of trouble with confidence. It can be cut faster than the laser and accuracy is also satisfactory, so customer is very satisfied that it was good to have bought it.

User’s voice

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