Prevent Accidents!

Periodical inspection specified by manufacturer

  • Inspection
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Improved capacity Utilization

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Periodical inspection specified by manufacturer

Aren't you in trouble with something like this?

We have our own inspection items for minimizing unexpected troubles:

  • To lower risks of delivery delays to clients because of an unforeseen accident as much as possible.
  • Some of the unforeseen accidents may take long time before they are recovered.


We perform preventive maintenance (an examination service) and:

  • We propose an early countermeasure or a permanent repair plan;
  • We service using the remote monitoring system (KOMTRAX) that makes operation and alarm information commonly available;
  • We propose a periodical inspection menu to keep your valuable machine in a best condition.


Stable machine operation brings higher productivity:

  • "Safety," "quality" and "accuracy" are resumed for long term machine operation.
  • Repair and improvement can be done as planned in minimized costs and shortest down period.
  • You can get added value of improved function.
  • Keeping your machine in best condition will connect you with benefit.

Working Hours

Shearing machine: around 1.5 hour

Plasma: around 5 hours

Articulated robot: around 6 hours

Press: different depending on the size


Rely on Komatsu.
You have reasons to feel secure.

Secure preventive maintenance only a manufacturer can provide:

We support clients by explaining result of our diagnosis to their full understanding, by proposing plans to keep the machine in best condition and by responding to their requests in repair procedures.

We will find abnormality at an early stage:

Checking operation and alarm information through the KOMTRAX will lead to find abnormality at an early stage.

Our clients appreciate:

We ever continued to use machines until they go down. But unexpected machine failures have been dramatically decreased after starting to have periodical inspections done and to apply preventive measures. We no longer apologize our clients for delayed delivery.

Our people have been operating the machines more carefully after starting to implement periodical inspections.

Contract plans:

  • Wrong contact face

    Wrong contact face
  • Choked filter before cleaning

  • Cleaned filter

Cleaned filter

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