Is Your Machine Safe?

Light guard

  • Compliance
  • Long-term Continuous Use

Target Models:Stamping Presses,Bending Machine

Light guard

Aren't you in trouble with something like this?

Securing safety of machines has been regarded as important these days by laws and regulations. Responsibility of the entities which operate and manage the machines has been increasing either. It is essential to prevent accidents from occurring beforehand by assessing existing risks and implementing countermeasures.

  • Have you ever had a terrifying experience during your press or press brake operation?
  • Have you ever wanted to use the machines safer and more trouble-free?

    Equipping the presses and press brakes with safety devices is compulsory.
    Komatsu has a capability of installing and renewing the safety devices to meet your applications observing the laws and regulations.

  • We aren't familiar with existing safety standards;
  • It is anxious if the safety device works right.
  • We want to secure employees' safety.
  • We have to secure safety by making operator not to enter the machine's moving areas.
  • It will be good if a hand physically cannot reach there.


Proposal observing laws and regulations is possible with taking machine performances and operation in account. We install safety devices to meet the machine's safety distances.

  • For securing that machines are used safe, we are trying safety promotions on our visiting clients.
  • We propose repair items and promotions by checking each machine implementing specific voluntary inspections and PM inspections./li>
  • We are promoting safety also on the peripheral equipment of the press.
  • We also discuss about fences and area sensors in conjunction with the press movement.


You can expect to evade failures of the light guard, and you can secure safety and avoid machine stops and delivery delays beforehand.

  • We comply with the Construction Standards (revised in 2011).
  • We comply with the Safety and Sanitation Law.
  • You can widely appeal your law-abiding posture.
  • You can contribute towards zero work-related accidents.

Delivery Date,Working Hours

One to six (1 - 6) weeks after order confirmation (three days work at site)


Rely on Komatsu.
You have reasons to feel secure.

Compliance with laws:

We duly offer the newest safety functions to comply with the newest laws and regulations.

Proposals to meet your application environment:

We offer the light guards to meet your applications.

Other proposals:

Our safety professionals will also propose those safety measures other than the light guards.

Our clients appreciate:

 • We didn't know what to do for securing safety of employees. Komatsu installed an auxiliary front light axes to improve safety.
 • We by ourselves, to Komatsu's proposal, made and set up a protection board to physically prevent a hand to reach.
 • Our safety environment has been completed by installing an area sensing system that observs work area for other people not to enter.
 • Setting rear side safety equipment prevents rear entrance, and we no longer feel a chill.
 • We had a laser safety device added for fingers not to be caught between the punch and the die. Now the workers can work at ease.

Contract plans:

Contract plans

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