The world's first Cartridge type consumable adopted.
Cutting cost has been more lower.


Twister Plasma cutting machine


  • All new torch adopted
  • Life of consumable parts has been extended.
  • It can be adopt 60kW power-up kit.(Optional)
  • Other functions

All new torch adopted

The new-style torch which cartridge-ized consumables is adopted.
It isn't necessary to put consumables together and it also improved the cutting quality by accuracy improvement of a torch chip.

All New Torch Adopted

Life of consumable parts has been extended.

Double the life counts of consumable compared with conventional type Furthermore the price becomes lower by cartridge-ization.

Life Of Consumable Parts Has Been Extended

It can be adopt 60kW power-up kit.(Optional)

Another 30kw power supply can be added to the oriiginal 30kw power supply as a option. Max 60kw output can be cut maximum 36mm-thick mild steel.

It Can Be Able To Adopt 60kW Power-up Kit.(Optional)

Other functions

Twister Gas flow

Inclination of the cut section which was disadvantage of the plasma is adjusted. And approximately 0 (within 1.5 degree) of bevel angle in the product side can be achieved.

Movie:Twister Gas flow

Main gas flow control

Twister brings excelent cutting quality by 4 kinds of cutting conditions which are for small, medium, big size holes and contour.

Not only 4 kinds of cutting conditions are automatically set, But also gas flow as well as cutting speed and the gap hight are automatically optimized.

Movie:Main gas flow control

Push-Pull dust collecting system

The better environment is maintained by push-pull dust collecting system that prevent a hume to spread out. Also dust collecting system works efficiently in the devided section with damper where a cutting head is working.

Movie:Push-Pull dust collecting system

Movie:Push-Pull dust collecting system

Marking function

As standard, Marking and punching can be done by using Argon gas instead of plasma gas.
Marking is used for determining welding position and bending line. Punching is used for determining drilling position. These are useful especially in the can manufacturing industry.

Marking function

Movie:Marking function

Quick change torch (Optional)

A gas torch can be installed quickly to cut thick material.This option enable Twister to cut from thin material to 50 mm thickness.Twister is a versatile performer.

Twister cutting

Movie:Quick change torch

18kWのFit シリーズでは2タイプのテーブルサイズを用意。


Twister cutting machine



Main Specifications

Items 30kW Series Fit(18kW) Series
TFP3051 TFP3051 High Body TFP1548 TFP1551
Twister output power
30 18
Twister power unit rated utilization
Max. material thickness
(Mild steel-O2) 25 19
(SUS304-O2) 20 15
(A5052-O2) 15 8
Max. pierce thickness
(mild steel) 25 19
Cutting area dimension
(X-Y) 1525X3050 1220X2440 1525X3050
X-axis 3360 2750 3360
Y-axis 1585 1300 1600
Z-axis 170 340 170 (HB Spec:340)
Traverse speed
X-axis 25
Y-axis 40
Z-axis 10
Driving method X, Y-axis Rack&pinion + Linear guide
Z-axis Ball-screw + Linear guide
Positioning accuracy
Positioning repeatability
Smallest input increment

NC Specifications

Type FANUC 0i-MD
Screen 10.4 inch color LCD
Tape memory length 1280m (512KB)
Number of controlled axes 3 axes (X, Y, Z)
Number of simultaneously controlled axes Max. 3 axes
Programming input output method CF card, USB memory
Programming input/entry number 400
Programming editing function Alter/Insert/Delete
Easy coordinate detection function Standard
Background editing function Standard
Dilatation tape editing function Standard

User’s voice"TFP"

From Toushin Industrial Co., Ltd.

Toshin Kougyo bought Komatsu Plasma TP3051-23.
This customer has run Komatsu Plasma KPD1251(1996),TFP3051-21(2001) and the other brand also.
The nozzle life lasts 2 days in the cutting of the mild steel in the range between 6 mm and 12 mm thickness.
This nozzle life is 2 times compared with conventional.
The consumable price became lower and the cutting cost became dramaticaly lower.
One oxygen gas cylinder lasts 2 days and one nitrogen cylinder lasts 10 days in consumption.Cutting quality is excelent. They think that they should have bought eariler.

User’s voice
User’s voice
User’s voice

From Sato Iron Works Co., Ltd.

Sato Iron Works bought TFP3051 with new type of torch in January.
The painted steel and the steel provided from the ship-builder are mainly cut.
Those plate thickness is between 6 mm and 12 mm.
TFP3051 makes productivity 2 times compared with KPD0951 that was replaced.
Especially the customer evaluates that the scrap processing function is very usefull Also the customers who visited Sato Iron Works are surprised at the good working environment that no fume comes out of plasma machine.

User’s voice

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