Universal cutting machine for
mild steel medium & thick plate


Twister Cutting Machine


  • Succeeded in significantly reducing running costs
  • Everyone can use machine
  • Significantly improved productivity compared with conventional machines
  • POINT1The world's first Cartridge type consumable
  • POINT2NEW HMI - Human Machine Interface
  • POINT3High Power 200A and 300A specifications
  • POINT4Long Life and Low price consumable
  • POINT5Higher Z axis envelope - Section Steel Processing -
  • POINT6Quick Gas
  • POINT7Ink-jet marking
  • POINT8Fume solidification equipment & High performance filter


The new consumables have been assembled into cartridges, which eliminates the hassle of assembling and eliminates cutting defects due to assembly errors. We have also succeeded in keeping the price low.
The cutting cost is the most noticeable, the cost of consumables has been lowered, and the service life has been extended, so the actual cutting cost has been significantly reduced.

World's first Cartridge consumable【PATENT PENDING】

Assembled by customer Approx. 5 minutes for setup
Cartridge-assembled and delivered
Assembled by customer Approx. 5 minutes for setup. Cartridge-assembled and delivered

Succeeded in significantly reducing running costs

With a 300A nozzle, the service life is about three times longer, and the cost of consumables per piercing has been reduced to about one-fifth.

Highest level of cost performance

Lifecycle & Cost

Everyone can use machine

The TFP510-3 has been redesigned from the ground up for user interface and operability so that everyone can make the most of the machine.
With the simplicity of handling like a smartphone, it is easy to use without looking at the manual.

(1) Simplified normal work.
(2) You can check troubleshooting immediately.
(1) Simplified normal work.
  • Minimize screen transition
  • Minimize the number of buttons
  • Automatic mode switching
  • Use of barcode reader
(2) You can check troubleshooting immediately.
  • Skip torch collision
  • Enhance troubleshooting

Significantly improved productivity compared with conventional machines

By using one size larger nozzle, high power 200A output can be used in addition to the conventional 150A output.
The cutting speed is faster and more than twice as fast as 4kW laser processing machines.

Increase processing plate thickness High productivity of medium and thick plate cutting

Achieves cutting twice or more faster than 4kw laser

Main Specifications

Items TFP510-3
Twister output power
200 300
Twister power unit rated utilization
Max.material thickness(Mild steel)
32 36
Max.material thickness(SUS)
25 30
Max.material thickness(AL)
Max.pierce thickness(Mild steel)
32 36
Cutting area dimension (X-Y)
1525 × 3050
X-axis 3360
Y-axis 1720
Z-axis 240(HB:340)
Traverse speeed
X-axis 25
Y-axis 40
Z-axis 20
Driving method X,Y-axis Rack&pinion+Linear guide
Z-axis Ball-screw+Linear guide
Positioning accuracy
± 0.1/300
Positioning repeatability
± 0.05
Smallest input increment

NC Specifications

Items Specification
Type FUNUC-0iMF-Plus PANEL iH Pro
Screen 15 inch color LCD with Touch panel
NC program memory size 2MB
Number of control axes 3-axes Ink jet marking 1-axis option
Number of simultaneously control axes Max.3axes
Programming input/output method USB Flash drive/Network access
Main memory 4GB
External storage(SSD) 64GB

Main Option

Fume collector (11kW / with duct)
(11kW / with duct+katame-taro)
Ink jet marking
Quick gas ( SUS quick silver included)
Pallet change system
Knaps (CAD/CAM)
Barcode reader

Machining example

Machining example

Material:SS400 Thickness:25mm

Machining example

Material:SS400 Thickness:4.5mm

Machining example

Material:SS400 Thickness:36mm

Machining example

Material:SS400 Thickness:12mm

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