The world's first route groove plasma cutting machine which enabled
route groove processing necessary to post-process of welding.


Large Plasma bevel cutting machine


  • A rigid frame ensures accurate bevel cutting
  • CCD camera type automatically coordinate corrected system adopted
  • Two-stage human contact prevention device adopted
  • Other functions

A High rigidity frame ensures accurate bevel cutting

The high rigidity frame and 5-axis simultaneous control NC ensures higher accuracy and quality bevel cutting.

A High rigidity frame ensures accurate bevel cutting

CCD camera type automatic deviation correction system adopted

Material deviation is automatically corrected by using CCD camera photography picture after vertical cutting.

It is processed the image of corner point in the picture and calculate the deviation amount.
CCD camera type automatic deviation correction system

Double auti-collision device adopted

Achieving a balance of safety and productivity.

Double auti-collision device adopted
Light curtain : decrease axis moving speed. Wire switch : Emergency stop.Tape switch : Emergency stop

Other functions

Improved quality and reliability

High rigidity helical gear suppresses the torch vibration.

Improved quality and reliability
Improved quality and reliability

Improved quality and reliability

Large-sized X axis base, linear guide and linear block brought high quality and high accuracy cutting.

Improved quality and reliability

W • TS function : Double Touch Sensor function detects and controls precisely the product hight during bevel cutting.

Detecting  height of bevel cutting products
Cut Result

Cut Result

Main Specifications

Items TFPV6082 TFPV6084
Twister output power
Twister power unit rated utilization
Max. material thickness(mild steel)
I cut 36
V cut 35° 28
V cut 45° 25
Max. pierce thickness(mild steel)
Max.bevel angle
Max. cutting area dimension
2500x6200 2500x12300
Stroke X-axis[mm] 7365(-10~7355) 13095(-10~13085)
Y-axis[mm] 3020(-255~2765)
Z-axis[mm] 340(+5~-335)
C-axis [°] ±400°
B-axis [°] ±50°
Traverse speed X-axis[m/min] 30
Y-axis[m/min] 50
Z-axis[m/min] 40
C-axis [°/sec] 360
B-axis [°/sec] 180
Driving method X-axis Rack & pinion + Linear guide
Y-axis Beveled gear Rack & pinion + Linear guide
Z-axis Ball-screw + Linear guide
C-axis Timing belt & Pulley
B-axis Crossing at right angles reduction gear direct connect type

NC Specifications

Type FANUC 310i
Screen 15 inch color LCD with touch panel function
Program memory capacity 2MB
Number of controlled axes 5 axes (X, Y, Z, C, B)
Number of simultaneously controlled axes 5 axes simultaneous control
Programming input output method USB memory, LAN

Machining example

Machining example

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