Rely on Us for Relocation


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Aren't you in trouble with something like this?

We respond with our 2,000 relocation records including from small machines to over 4, 500 ton class presses.

  • Don't know who is reliable;
  • Don't know nothing about preparation;
  • Want maintenance on occasion of relocation:
  • Want conversion for higher productivity on occasion of relocation:
  • Want safe work;
  • Want job done in assigned period.


Having rich experiences, Komatsu can work for you with plans you hope:

  • We will have jobs done not only with keeping agreed period but also with the most appropriate method in safety and compliance.
  • We comply with the regulations on transportation also.


We post right qualified persons in right places to carry out safe and secure relocation and installing works.

  • We will respond with proposing the plan in minimal costs to the clients.
  • We will finish the jobs done in required time schedule with speedy and safe works by the qualified persons.

Delivery Date,Working Hours

We will discuss with you to propose a best possible plan in period and costs.


Rely on Komatsu, the manufacturer.

Meeting for scheduling:

We will propose a process to meet your requirement on time schedule. We can cope with overseas either.

Proposal of preventive maintenance and of using in other areas

We will propose overhauling and retrofitting to be done on disassembling the machine. In addition to about relocating, we will also discuss about remodeling (voltage, frequency and regulations) to meet the destination.

Compliance with regulations:

We will work safe at site in compliance with the regulations.

Relocation to overseas:

We undertake relocation to overseas, including remodeling to comply with the regulations in each country.

Long term security:

Maintenance after relocation shall be carried out by the service representatives of ours in the relocated place.

Our clients appreciate:

Since we knew little about regulations on transportation, it was good and made us at ease to ask them.
It was good to ask Komatsu since they did it also paying attention to oil spills to environment.
They were very conscious about safety and we could see their jobs feeling at ease. It helped that they finished in time despite some troubles.

Contract plans:

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