Hydraulic cylinders are controlled by inverter motor.
It is good reaction,and realized energy safe and stabled ram control.



  • Inverter Control
  • Improved Productivity and Enagy Saving
  • Greater Safty
MF Eco machine

The invertor motor controls pump speed, and the servo valve controls oil flow at most appropriate level.
The machine has excellent energy saving property. And it can process a wide range of works, from thin to thick plates.

Movie:PBZ Processing

Inverter Control

  • Inverter motor is driven at more higher r.p.m than conventional, oil flow is properly controlled at increase and decrease from pump and no useless motor running,so it is realized to reduce electricity.
  • Die distance directry controllse by linear scale. Almost no effect from load-induced side frame defection,and accurate ram positioning is attained irrespective of requisite of requisite load.
  • By enploying NC control for the angle controller, each process is automatically set. This shortens the setup time significantry.
Inverter Control

Improved Productivity and Enagy Saving

  • Servo valve is fixed on the hydraulic cylinder.  Volume reduction of compressed hydraulic oil is so limited that PBZ has good  repetitive accuracy of dead point.
  • Only uses the minimum quantity of hydraulic oil just need for working. The servo motor is only active during ram cycling, so as to prevent the hydraulic oil from heating up. Therefore PBZ saving energy is the machine for each consciousness.
Direct on Servo valve
Comparison of hydraulic oil volume with that of conventional models

Greater Safty

Servo valve is fixed on the hydraulic cylinder. Time for ram stop in an emergency is extremely shortened.
Safety is also improved.

Ram movement can be controlled strictly because of the monitoring system for servo valve spool position.

Greatly Shortened

Standardized double-action & three position foot pedal.

Standardized double-aciton & three-position foot pedal

Option(Setup improvement)

Easy operation for punch changing. It shortens time to charge punches.

Clamp & Unclamp by Lever.
Bevel shot protocts punches from dropping.
Separate punches attached & removed up-and-down by Slide mechanism.

Eye Clamp

Movie:Eye Clamp

Shortened time for the correction of bending angle.

Bending angle is automatically adjusted by Laser Beam used and non-contacted type bending sensor.
It can be shortened set up time with adjustment of bending angle by no influence of material deference.

Movie:Bending Eye

Acquiring MF Eco machine certificate:


A MF Eco machine certificate was awarded by Japan Forming Machinery Association.We help you promote energy saving at your plant.

MF Eco machine


Specification PBZ1252 PBZ1253 PBZ1753 PBZ2253 PBZ2254
Tonnage capacity
1250 1750 2250
Table length
2250 3100 4000
Allowable upper die weight
370 560 650
Side frame distance 2120 2670 2600 2530 3430
Height from floor
2685 2695 2790 2835
1730 1755
Gap depth
Table height
Open height
Intermediate plate less 500
Intermediate plate 400
Ram Stroke
Number of cylinders 2
Ram approach speed
Ram work speed
0.1~10 0.1~11
Ram return speed
Operation control system Safety, Process, Single action, Inching, Off
Main mortor power
200V/50kHz 11 18.5 22
Maximum hydraulic oil pressure
28.5 29.0 28.5
Hydraulic oil tank capacity
60 100 160
Machine weight
6.2 7.0 9.0 10.5 14.0
Kpaps functions Standard Equipment for NET NC
NC angle controller Standard Equipment for NET NC
Power supply
17 30 35

User’s voice"PBZ"

from Sankyo Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Sankyo Manufacturing Co., Ltd. manufactures a wide variety of products such as conveyance equipment, plant equipment, semiconductor equipment, food machinery, etc. from cutting to bending, welding and assembling. PBZ 1753 NET with 2-axis bending eye was delivered in May 2016 for bending of long stainless steel material.

Before using PBZ, it pressed many times with the old 3 m brake and hit with a hammer to obtain bending accuracy. But using PBZ's bending eye makes the bending of long stainless steel accurate without any trial. It is highly evaluated that the time taken for the bending process has dramatically reduced.

User’s voice

Machining example

Machining example