Conversion to Invertor Motor

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Target Models:Stamping Presses

Conversion to Invertor Motor

Aren't you in trouble with something like this?

Aren't you thinking of ECO conscious improvement? You can significantly save energy by controlling motor speed to suppress loss.

  • Since existing type of motor is no longer produced, we want to change to the one with existing standards.
  • We want to improve energy efficiency.
  • We want to change fixed speed to variable.
  • We want to reduce running costs.


All problems can be solved by replacing with an invertor-controlled high efficiency motor.


You can significantly save energy by controlling speed to meet production amount and production items.

  • Currently produced model will be easier to maintain.
  • Electricity consumption will be reduced.
  • Variable speed will make not only increase productivity but also improve product accuracy.
  • The motor itself will be smaller and versatile.
  • It is a highly efficient motor and satisfies existing standards.

Delivery Date

About three (3) months after order confirmation


Rely on Komatsu.
You have reasons to feel secure.

A variety of performance , reliability

There are a lot of remodeling experience.

A service person says:

We manufacturer can modify the motors to meet regulations all over the world.
We can replace the motor on a 30 years old press machine with a brand-new type.

Contract plans:

  • Inverter Motor

  • Control Box

Inverter Motor Control Box