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  • Operation Monitoring
  • Maintenance Management

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Aren't you in trouble with something like this?

You can see daily outputs, of total and of each parts, with the KOMTRAX. By seeing the various messages on it, you can grasp, for example, why efficiencies are low.

  • Counting product numbers takes time! (Numbers don't agree with each other.)
  • We want to grasp transition of production and stopping hours.
  • We want to report machine conditions efficiently.
  • Preventive maintenance is difficult since we don't know current maintenance intervals.
  • We want to reduce unexpected machine stops as much as possible, or to nothing, if possible.


The KONTRAX makes visualize production data and operation conditions:

  • You can find a point to improve operation rates.
  • You can grasp failure conditions and stopping reasons to countermeasure quickly.
  • You can see failure history and tendency on the maintenance screen.
  • You can check maintenance information for preventing sudden failures.
  • You can grasp the points of preventive maintenance of each machine.
  • You can check on periodical replacement of consumables to prevent a long term machine stop.


You can see production conditions, which makes load status and stopping reason clearer, and eventually makes establishing countermeasure easier.

  • You can set up countermeasures against sudden machine stops, which will prevent late product delivery to your clients.
  • Our service persons can give appropriate advice to you, since you and they can commonly see the operation status.
  • You can see which parts are close to life checking operation hours, which will allow replacing each part beforehand to reduce sudden failures.
  • You can see failure histories, which will make you grasp failure causes.

Delivery date,Working Hours

One (1) week after order conformation (2 hours at site)


Rely on Komatsu.
You have reasons to feel secure.

Service support:

Our call center person can see your condition remotely to respond you quickly and appropriately.

You can see operation conditions remotely at your own office.

Reports of your machine operation conditions can be output.

Our clients appreciate:

It helps very much that we can control product by product, in addition to seeing operation conditions of the machines.
Komatsu already knew the failure when we called since they had also monitored the trouble that made the machine stop.
Since we can know the time of replacing parts, operation rates have gone up by replacing before they fail.
We could check reasons of the machine stops and could establish countermeasures to raise productivity.

Operation Monitor

  • Centralized management of machine operating status in KOMTRAX

    Centralized management of machine operating status in KOMTRAX