Personal Information Protection Policy

Komatsu Industries Corp. makes efforts below based on the belief that the proper protection of personal information is a corporate social responsibility.

[Processing personal information of European Union (EU) residents]
Personal data of EU residents may be transferred to countries not recognized by the EU Commission as a country having an adequate level of protection; however, in such a case, Komatsu Industries Corp. and companies to which personal information is transferred appropriately handle such personal data of EU residents in accordance with the appropriate safeguards set forth by the EU Commission. (e.g., upon conclusion of Standard Contractual Clauses, and sufficient safety control measures). Furthermore, data subjects residing in the EU can lodge complaints to the supervisory authority with regard to the processing of personal data by Komatsu Industries Corp.

Created: April, 2015
Amended: May, 2019

Yasushi Kitade, President, Komatsu Industries Corp.