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Annual maintenance contract for laser machine

  • Inspection
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Improved Capacity Utilization

Target Models:Laser Cutting Machine

Aren't you in trouble with something like this?

Periodical inspection and maintenance are required for a laser processing machine. Low cutting quality and other serious trouble may occur without inspection and maintenance. Recovering from the trouble may take long time. We propose to implement periodical inspection and maintenance to meet your total years, daily hours and times of operation.

  • Sudden degradation of cutting performance
  • Increase in replacing consumables
  • Increase in incidences of brief down period.


Periodical inspection and maintenance of laser oscillator, processor, chiller unit and lens will make stabilize machine operation.

The following jobs are implemented as preventive maintenance:

  • Checking operation condition and any abnormality;
  • Cleaning and inspecting contacting and moving parts;
  • Inspecting and replacing periodical inspection parts;
  • Checking on degraded and worn parts and implementing preventive maintenance;
  • Checking movement and accuracy of each mechanism.

* Frequency of the periodical maintenance shall be determined by contract.


Stable machine operation will help improve productivity by:

  • Maintaining processing performance;
  • Reducing down period due to emergency accidents on your laser processing machine;
  • Early detection of troubles;
  • Maintaining cutting performance through periodical replacement of consumables;
  • Improving operation rates minimizing failure damages;
  • Reducing running costs.

Delivery Date

This is an annual contract that can be renewed every year. Scope and inspection times shall be determined through negotiation.


Rely on Komatsu.
You have reasons to feel secure.

We have prepared two courses by the number of times of emergency fault maintenance.

Premium package course:

1.Unlimited times of maintenance on emergency accidents
2.Oscillator inspection: once or twice (depending on the type) a year; processing machine inspection: twice a year

Economy package course:

1.Maintenance on emergency (free for one agreed incidence; additional charge for others)
2.Oscillator inspection: once or twice (depending on the type) a year; processing machine inspection: twice a year

Our clients appreciate:

After starting maintenance, unexpected machine failures have been significantly reduced to raise operation rates. Annual costs have been also reduced because of less number of troubles.

We can now foresee annual costs.
It's good we don't forget inspection time since Komatsu tells when it comes.

Contract plans:

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