We maintain abundant stock of spare parts or 12,000 items.

Consumables and important parts for safety

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Target Models:Stamping Presses,Bending Machine,Shearing Machine

Consumables and important parts for safety

Aren't you in trouble with something like this?

All press components have their life (fatigue and degradation).
Using beyond the life may cause unintended machine failure or unexpected accident.

We propose to replace the components as in below table depending on your applications (overall term, working period, operating times etc.).

No Maintenance/replacement parts Application Replacing interval and remarks
1 Solenoid valve Clutch brake 3 years or 5 million times, or immediate if long emergency brake time or air leakage from valve
2 Control relay Clutch brake control 3 years or 5 million times, or immediate if long emergency brake time or air leakage from valve
3 O-ring Clutch brake 3 to 5 years
4 Control relay (miniature) Safety device control 2 years or 5 million times
5 Limit switch Rotary cam 5 years or 10 million times
6 Stroking selector key switch Stroking selector 3 to 5 years depending on maintenance condition
7 Run button Machine operation 3 years or 5 million times
8 Emergency stop button Emergency stop 3 years or 5 million times
9 Coupling Encoder 3 to 5 years
10 Light guard Emergency stop 3 to 5 years

Note 1: Life span or times described above are all of approximate estimation and subject to change depending on press application, environment, maintenance etc. Note that values are not of our guarantee.


We recommend you to have inventories of spare parts.

  • Especially keep those parts that require long lead time and frequent replacement including such consumables as oil filters etc.
  • For avoiding a sudden machine stop, it is important to prepare for risks through preventive maintenance and retrofitting in accordance with increased operation hours.


You can minimize stopping hours of the machine. At the same time, this will help you implement preventive maintenance:

  • Maintaining "safety," "quality," and "accuracy" for longer machine life.
  • Avoiding sudden machine failures to realize higher operation rates.
  • Reducing damage from failures through periodical parts replacement.

Delivery Date

The same day shipment and the next day delivery is possible from the manufacturer's abundant inventories.


Komatsu, as the machine manufacturer, maintain the system:

"Genuine Komatsu parts" designed and build exclusively for Komatsu machine

Such parts that are especially important for safety as the clutch brake, bearings, shafts etc. are strictly controlled specifying from the point of safety performance. "Genuine Komatsu parts" are used to secure desired durability and reliability.

Abundant parts inventories for servicing as the manufacturer:

We maintain parts inventories that are especially important for security. We also keep such parts that we have requested many times.
Parts inventory (as of April 2016): abound 12,000 different parts (about 5 billion yen)

Our clients appreciate:

We are satisfied with them for quick delivery of consumables and spare parts and for convenience of ordering to the closest service person.
We feel easy since they have many kinds of parts and deliver them very quickly.

A service person says:

We can support clients with the abundant inventories of the service parts.

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